Aaron Burnett

Aaron Burnett is a Juno-nominated children’s entertainer with an elementary school-teaching background. The Winnipeg Folk Festival describes him as “one of Canada’s most treasured performers and musical educators.” His original songs about Canadian animals feature toe-tapping bluegrass rhythms, intriguing stories, and a warm sense of humour to involve all ages in his performances. He has played at the International Children’s Festivals in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Thunder Bay, and at numerous schools, national parks, libraries, and town fairs from Ontario to BC, and even Australia. Aaron has three critically acclaimed family CDs: Call of the Wild, Get Off the Couch, and Canadian Critters.


Aaron performs musical concerts for students K–6 using acoustic guitar and mandolin to accompany his vocal work. Thirty minutes before the concert he works with a small group of students (maximum 20) from across the grades and selected by classroom teachers.

These students get a quick introduction to songs that will involve actions and American Sign Language (ASL). During the concert, this group of students has the unique leadership opportunity to perform with Aaron on stage and lead their classmates using the actions and ASL they have learned. They become mini experts for peers and teachers to refer to after Aaron’s departure.