Sue Proctor at Beautiful Savior Lutheran School

Artists in the Schools
March 4 – 15, 2013
154 students

The grades K-8 students and teachers at Beautiful Savior Lutheran School recently spent two weeks with Sue Proctor. Sue, who has performed as a mime, clown, and storyteller for over 30 years, brought her “Dramatic Story Creation” program to the school.
The students of BSLS study awareness and appreciation of various countries in their Social Studies Curriculum. This year, the students spent a week studying France. The artist and students created stories incorporating elements of French culture and folklore. The students had great fun exploring pantomime and mime techniques, which they then used to stage their stories.

“Awesome!”… “Really fun!”… “Make it longer!” …”Let’s do drama again!”… Grade 7 & 8 students

The teacher’s responses were just as enthusiastic. Teachers thought they would be able to use many of Sue’s story-creation techniques and drama activities in their own classes.

“It was as though she had hidden ‘PD’ for the teachers in her plan.”…. Kristine Klatt (Grade 1/2 teacher)

At the end of the two week residency, the students performed their plays for their parents and friends at the school’s Family Country Night. Sue really enjoyed working with the students and teachers of Beautiful Savior Lutheran School.
“I was asked to perform by the parent council on their Family Night and, so Pierrot the clown performed with the students and even did the Harlem Shake!”

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