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Jamie Oliviero

Jamie Oliviero is a storyteller and arts-in-education specialist. For over 35 years Jamie has worked in schools finding creative ways to animate curriculum outcomes. Most recently he has performed and given workshops in Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, and of course here in Canada. Jamie’s commitment as a storyteller is to promote social justice and human rights by using the wisdom offered in traditional stories to create common ground between people of different cultures, and backgrounds.


At every grade level of the Manitoba Social Studies curriculum, in the Values section, there are fundamental, recurring themes. These are appreciation of others’ interests, abilities, and beliefs, respecting the needs and rights of others, contributing to the community, developing peaceful, nonviolent ways of conflict resolution, and remembering the lessons of the past through oral history and storytelling. Teachers are invited to choose the most relevant themes for their classrooms. Jamie will present appropriate stories that relate to that theme. Then through a progression of physical, vocal, and creative writing exercises, each class as a group will create a new story that focuses on the chosen theme. The final step of the residency will be for each class to create a large pictograph representation of their story which will be photographed and then added to an online virtual gallery called ‘The Story Children’.