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Ursula Neufeld

Ursula Neufeld is an innovative and collaborative mosaic artist whose creations adorn schools, community buildings, homes, and playgrounds.  Ursula’s work has been shown in galleries and gardens throughout Canada, including Wayne Arthur Gallery, Cre8ery, Assiniboine Park Conservatory, and Uma’s in Gimli.  One of the fundamental aspects of Ursula’s community mural collaborations has been to give voice to participants who are creating the artwork, so that their ideas, interpretations, and dreams make up the subject of the finished art.  Recent works include large, exterior community murals at Red Road Lodge and Hugh John MacDonald School in Winnipeg.  Ursula has conducted workshops through ArtsSmarts, Arts Junktion, University of Winnipeg, and Daniel McIntyre St. Matthew Community Association.


Individual Mosaic Creations.  Students will create individual mosaic artworks using found, natural, and constructed materials.

Large-Scale Mosaic Installations.  These group creations can be located in a school garden or playground, or on a bench, stairs, or walls.  Students will learn the history of mosaics, mosaic terminology, and the use of appropriate tools to shape tesserae (tile, stained glass, dishes, etc.).  The surface to be covered in mosaic will dictate the process used for application.  Forms can be created using polystyrene, mesh, and mortar.