Ted Longbottom

Ted Longbottom is a Manitoba Métis singer-songwriter, recording artist, actor, visual artist, and playwright. He plays the role of Beaver in APTN and YTV Treehouse’s Tipi Tales. Ted’s music has been featured on CBC, The Discovery Channel, PBS, and the History Channel. Ted has also performed at music festivals and childrens’ festivals across Canada and the USA, as well as in schools and communities across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Yukon.


Ted Longbottom’s program provides an excellent resource for Aboriginal content as he tells the stories of the Métis people, the Canadian soldier and pioneer life in Canada. He presents a variety of original and traditional folk music, including ballads, reels and hornpipes. Ted leads students in composing and performing an original song, which may be accompanied by a visual presentation.

The program allows students to learn about the history of Manitoba and Canada, with a focus on Aboriginal contributions to present day culture. He invites students to explore past and present attitudes, and encourages connections to themes from other subject areas such as music, art and literature. Critical thinking about issues is encouraged, as students examine the past and make connections with the present to develop an appreciation of what it means to be Canadian.