Sue Proctor

Sue Proctor M.A. has performed as a mime, clown and storyteller for over thirty years. She has taught drama to all ages and abilities, written and directed community productions and developed and managed the “Arts Ability Project” with the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies. She is presently developing dramatic presentations for seniors and immigrants with her group the Drama Divas, as well as teaching with Manitoba Theatre for Young People and performing as a clown or storyteller. Sue has performed at International Storytelling and Children’s Festivals in Vancouver, Okanoaan, Winnipeg and the Yukon, as well as cabarets in Montreal. Sue enjoys teaching to specialized classes such as Language Immersion, English as An Additional Language, and Special Needs.


Dramatic Story Creation & Puppetry

This program combines storytelling and story making with dramatic skills, character exploration, puppet building, and performance. Stories will be told, or created and explored by the artist and students along a theme chosen by the school. Physical drama games will be enjoyed with a focus on nonverbal communication. Schools can choose to develop the stories with creative drama or to create simple puppets to represent the characters. Performances can be on a classroom level or in longer residencies performances can be developed for a school or community presentation. Performances using puppets are best with audiences the size of just one or two classrooms.

This program enhances thinking, writing, and organizational skills. The drama exercises help to build self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as physical and verbal articulation. The program helps to develop imagination and imaging processes and can easily be linked with the Drama, Social Studies or Language Arts Curriculum.