Sister Dorothy

Classically trained but raised on classic rock, Sister Dorothy teaches music to children and adults. She has been a performer since childhood but her career took off in the early 1990s. Since starting her own company she has released 7 CDs and over 30 videos. Through Artists in the Schools, Sister Dorothy has taught guitar, recorder and song writing in Domain, Crane River, Poplar River, Cross Lake and across the province. Sister Dorothy embraces the idea of teaching language through music, and has been working with First Nations teachers and language specialists to write songs in Ojibwe. She has produced 2 cd’s and videos in Ojibwe and continues to draw upon her musical and production experience to broaden the scope of this work. Sister Dorothy is always in demand and performs at festivals, art galleries, nightclubs and schools from Winnipeg to Jamaica.


The objective of this program is to promote an appreciation of music by sharing the tools and building blocks used to write songs. Designed in part for remote and rural schools who do not have a music program, this residency can be tailored to include guitar, keyboard, flute, recorder, fiddle or songwriting. Any instruments the students or schools have can be used. Sister Dorothy’s high-energy pop songs and the students’ own cd’s will serve as examples, as students learn to identify, notate and produce rhythms, and participate in percussion ensembles. Other topics will include dynamics, style, mood, instrumentation and what makes a good song. Students will be encouraged to write their own songs and apply their new knowledge to other artistic disciplines. Students can show what they have learned at a final concert. Each class may include a short video screening.