Robert Christiani & Ilse Mohn

Ilse Mohn and Robert Christiani have teamed up! Integrating their individual styles and years of experience as teaching artists, they deliver a program that is both play-full and art-full, linking art and creativity with the environment. Eco-art demonstrates that arts-infused curriculum improves the lives and learning capacity of children and nurtures the intrinsic healing qualities found in the creative experience. Ilse has participated in the Artists in the Schools program for eight years, presents clay programs for children at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, and teaches private lessons. She describes herself as a ceramic slab artist who intuitively incorporates found material into her work. Robert has a BFA and B.Ed from Queen’s University with 30 years’ experience carving stone and mixing media to create what he terms “eco-shamanic” art. He has also taught in a variety of alternative settings, helping clients explore their creativity.


“Masquerade: Kids of all ages love masks!” Masks have been in use for up to 20,000 years. Robert and Ilse are passionate about the creative process and sharing their combined years of artistic skills with others. This program offers students an opportunity to work in pairs and learn direct face-casting techniques using a plaster bandage. Following the casting process, students will be able to build upon their foundation mask using Polyfilla as a sculpting medium. The last two stages will include painting and the techniques for adorning their new second skin with recycled and naturally found objects.