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Phoebe Man

Hailing from Hong Kong, Phoebe has been playing the traditional Japanese art form of taiko drumming since 1989. She is considered to be a pioneer in expanding the arts vocabulary of Manitoba. Along with having been a founding member of local taiko group Fubuki Daiko, Phoebe has collaborated across diverse cultural lines with world music ensembles SAND and Just Drummin’, which has brought the art of taiko into a greater artistic realm. Other collaborative performances include world-class artists such as flamenco dancer Carmen de Torres from Spain, African drummer Bruno Genero from Italy, and taiko master Kenny Endo from Hawaii. Phoebe is a self-taught singer, dancer, actor, and is the former Artistic Director of Fusion Dance Theatre. A passionate percussion enthusiast and taiko educator, Phoebe has instructed in Learning Through the Arts with the Royal Conservatory of Music, and is currently part of Artists in the Schools and ArtsSmarts.


Taiko (or “big drum”), a traditional Japanese art form of drumming, combines sheer physicality, exuberant movement, and innovative sounds. Students will learn the history of taiko as well as its basic playing techniques. The art of taiko offers students and teachers new artistic tools and techniques that serve as a vehicle in expressing individual interests and talents in a collaborative environment. The movements required in playing taiko are both visual and audio in nature. Exercises such as stretching, breathing, and body and voice strengthening play an intricate role. Through these exercises and hands-on drumming, students will demonstrate an understanding of how to utilize their muscles effectively. In addition, the students’ focus, posture, and artistic expression will be enhanced. The artist will provide all teaching materials.