Ofield Williams

“Performance Art” would basically sum up the last 10 years of Ofield Williams’s life. Ofield is trained in dance, theatre, and music. He has spent the last six years playing the role of the B-Boy (break dancer) and DJ/Producer for Winnipeg’s most prominent Hip Hop group Mood Ruff. Mood Ruff recently released their fourth full-length album entitled I do my own stunts. Ofield completed the Bikram Yoga College of India’s Teacher Training Course and he finds that yoga and performing art go hand in hand. He hopes to help people of all ages achieve what most people lack in our society: a healthy lifestyle!


Students will learn the fundamentals of break dancing, including uprocks, lowrocks, body rocking, footwork, freezes, chairs, popping, locking moon gliding, and windmills. The artist will share video footage to give students insight into how the art form began and current practice. The students will warm up with yoga exercises, designed to improve concentration and encourage good posture. At the end of the program the students will demonstrate a short routine, usually performed in teams of two. With safety and health always in mind, students of all abilities and skill levels are involved, including those with special needs.