Ofield Williams

Ofield was the producer for the independent Hip Hop group Mood Ruff. They released 3LP’s Nation Wide, and 8 videos on Much Music, MTV, Vibe, and BET.  In 2005 Ofield’s song Rocketship was chosen by CBC as the #1 song of the year. Also in 2005 Walk Don’t Run was picked up by the sitcom Falcon Beach. I Do My Own Stunts (Mood Ruff ) won Hip Hop Album Of The Year in 2006 at the Western Canadian Music Awards. Ofield’s work has been on such prime time television shows as Entourage & Beverly Hills 90210.  In 2009 Rocketship was chosen as the 7th best song of the decade by CBC.

Ofield’s latest project is called Grand Analog.  Grand Analog won Best Hip Hop Recording Of The Year in 2009 at the Western Canadian Music Awards for the Touch Your Toes EP and again in 2010 for The Metropolis Is Burning.


Beats, Rhymes, & Life – Hip Hop as well as Electronic Music have become highly influential genres with youth today. The objective of this project is to encourage students to examine their relationship to society and their responsibility to themselves ass well as their planet by creating and performing their own lyrical & musical compositions. Prior to the start of the residency, the artists will consult with teachers regarding topics and themes. Students will explore the world outside the schools, collecting/recording environmental sounds, which will become an integral part of their compositions. Through phonemic and rhyming exercises, students will compose song lyrics in small groups. Students will learn how to produce music with computer software (Pro Tools, Reason, & Ableton), which will be provided by the artist. An “In school” studio will be brought in and built to give students the opportunity to record In a real sound studio.  At the end of the residency each student will have a personal copy of their own masterpiece.