Marie Annharte Baker

Marie is an Anishinabe contemporary storyteller, performance poet and grandma (Kookum). She has told her stories at schools in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This practice evolved from her own beginnings as a shy child and now comes full circle on her healing journey. She tells stories that reflect the many communities in both Canada and the United States where she has lived and worked as a community activist and adult educator. Recent experiences in journal writing and facilitating sharing circles on the west coast have given her additional tools to help the young artist or writer emerge. The humour of her poetry and performances has won over friends wherever she travels. Her community of origin is Little Saskatchewan First Nations.


“Kookum’s Story Bag” will help students to better understand the environment from an Indigenous perspective of both North and South American continents. Examples of personal family history will interweave with the written word that storytelling becomes. Activities for younger children will include movement, dance and puppets.

The envisioning of future community change will challenge youth to prepare for what might be expected of their generation. What traditions and ceremonies help communities to heal?