Lasha Mowchun

Throughout her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba Lasha Mowchun developed herself as a filmmaker graduating with a major in video art. In the years following she created films that screened locally as well as internationally in Europe and the United States. Lasha has received funding for her work from agencies including the Winnipeg Arts Council, Video Pool and the Jewish Foundation. Lasha has taught extensively in contexts including homeschool programs, Graffiti Art Programming, Turtle Island Neighborhood Centre, the Boys and Girls Club, Norquay Community Centre and Ralph Brown Community Centre. Lasha’s teaching style encourages experimentation and focuses on strengthening communities, friendships and self-confidence.


Animated Learning

Animated Learning, will use several stop motion animation techniques to transform the students curriculum from abstraction something the students can touch and play with. The program will morph aspects of the students’ curriculum which have narrative into an animated story. For example the animation program could be adapted to a science class to tell a story of the Big Bang or the story of evolution. This program encourages communication with educators to establish learning goals which will be promoted within the animation process. The animation workshop will cover a variety of styles, showing students that almost anything in their world can be brought to life through animation. The core animation style will be claymation, but we will also learn whiteboard animation, paper animation and pixelation. The students learning from class will be used as a platform to launch their knowledge into the world of imagination. The program will encourage experimentation and improvisation, making the students learning part of their imaginative world.