Jamie Oliviero

For over forty years Jamie has been working creatively in schools, most of that time simply and happily as a storyteller. He has been trained by his mentors to share with others the power of storytelling to create awareness of and appreciation for cultures and traditions around the world. To date, Jamie has visited schools in North, Central, and South America, East Africa, and South East Asia, sharing old stories and helping to create new ones.


At the heart of Jamie’s workshops and presentations is the belief that stories reveal to us the importance of having respect for each other and for the world in which we live. During a residency he consults with teachers as to what curriculum themes are currently being discussed, and will make connections to these themes as he works with students. Stories are shared, the students are involved in a number of physical and vocal animation activities, and are then led through the process of creating a new story of their own. Finally each class is shown one of a number of pictograph forms as a way of preserving their story to share worth others.