Fubuki Daiko

For over 20 years, Fubuki Daiko’s members have been bringing the art of taiko (Japanese drumming) to schools throughout Manitoba. Trained by Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka, the father of North American taiko, the group has thrilled audiences throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and Poland with their musicianship, humour, and sheer physical stamina. Collaborations with a wide range of groups – including Ron Paley’s Big Band, the Winnipeg Singers, the Moses Mayes Family Funk Band, and the Northern Plains Ballet – continue to fuel their quest for excellence and innovation in this ancient art form. Their debut CD received a Prairie Music Award for Outstanding Instrumental Recording.


Taiko Drumming

On the first day, the entire school is introduced to the art form through a performance by the full ensemble.  For rural residencies, a presentation by the two visiting artists is offered on the first day.  On subsequent days, two artists teach students the cultural etiquette of taiko, basic drumming skills, and a simple song. This can give a large number of students a brief taste of taiko, or provide a smaller number (4 to 8 groups per week) with a more intensive training experience. The age-appropriate sessions draw on elements of physical education, music, theatre, and dance, all within a Japanese cultural setting. For residencies with more contact time, participating students perform for the entire school on the final day.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 21 chairs and 21 used car tires (cleaned and duct-taped; approx. 10-12 rolls). Tires may be obtained free from garages or schools that have previously participated in the program.  Fubuki Daiko has a set of duct-taped tires that can be loaned out to local schools pending storage availability. Detailed instructions for making plastic trash-can drums with packing tape are also available.