Dimitry Melman

Dimitry Melman (Komar) is a Winnipeg-based visual artist whose recent practice has concentrated on the delivery of mosaic classes and commissions, and the creation of oil paintings and oil/mosaic mixed media works. His contemporary approach is rooted in classical training, as he was educated in the disciplines of drawing and painting as a youth in Moscow, Russia. Dimitry has taught art to people of all ages, through mosaic workshops and classes offered in his home studio, Studio on Strathcona, as well as through the Winnipeg School Division, the Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio Programs, and other venues. His artistic practice lends itself to involving people, especially those who do not have prior artistic experience or inclination. He takes a very hands-on approach, and always strives to make art accessible and meaningful. For Dimitry, art is about the process: art is created “one piece at a time.”


The Art of Mosaic teaches participants how to create distinctive artworks made with pieces of ceramic or glass tile.
Projects can range from individual mosaics affixed to wood panels, trays, or other three-dimensional objects, to large-scale, permanent installations on walls, furniture, or building exteriors.
A typical residency begins with an introduction to the art of mosaic and a demonstration of the tools, techniques, and supplies that will be used to create the artworks. Students will be encouraged to come up with ideas for their individual or group projects and to sketch these out on paper. Subsequent workshop sessions are then dedicated to creating the mosaic: finalizing designs; cutting or selecting tile pieces; plus assembling, gluing, and grouting the tile compositions.
This program is suited to all ages and skill levels, and is guaranteed to spark creativity and instill confidence.