Charlene Brown

Charlene Brown is a visual artist, who has been working with clay since 1995. She holds  Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from the University of Manitoba. She has participated in solo and group art exhibitions internationally, and in juried exhibitions for the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Art Rental and Sales Department and the Manitoba Crafts Council. She has been commissioned to create works for private collections. Her sculpture is described as fluid and organic. It is influenced by nature and ocean life forms in particular. As an artist she tries to express the rhythm of life and the beauty of her environment. Charlene has taught private and group clay classes to people of all ages through her home studio, Clayhaus Studio, and in community classes around Winnipeg. As a teacher she focuses on the needs and abilities of the students and plans her projects accordingly.


All About Clay! – Working closely with the teacher, this program introduces clay as a medium of self-expression. In conjunction with the curriculum, the chosen art project adds an artistic and personal layer or meaning to the given subject and offer students a creative way to explore their own experiences about a specific topic. The students will create three-dimensional works from two-dimensional drawings. They will learn how to hand build using a variety of techniques. Students will glaze their work and colour theory concepts will be discussed. By tracing their process and through self and group evaluation, the students will learn how to think creatively and to solve problems. They will work with spatial relations to create a three-dimensional piece of art.