Casimiro Nhussi

Born in Mozambique, Africa, Casimiro has been a dance professional since 1982. He is the Artistic Director and founder of Winnipeg’s only African contemporary dance company, NAfro Dance Productions. Casimiro is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance instructor and musician. Between 1982 to 1997, he was the Artistic Director of the Mozambique National Song and Dance Company. Prior to this, he attended the Alvin Ailey American Dance School in New York. As a drummer and singer, Casimiro has performed with several African Jazz bands. He is also a composer whose music has been played on Radio Mozambique and CBC Radio in Winnipeg. In 2005, he was commissioned by the National Film Board to compose music for the animated short “Mind Me Good Now”. Casimiro has performed and taught dance classes in 28 countries and he has been part of AIS with Jay Stoller for nine years.


The program is simple and exciting; it gives students the opportunity to travel to Africa and experience African culture through dance, music and storytelling. They will also experience the basic elements of choreography and improvisation using African dance and stories. Here is the breakdown: The students will sample some traditional dances including: “Mapiko”, the mask dance from Mozambique, “Gumboot”, known as the boot dance, “Indlamu”, known as Zulu warrior dance both from South Africa, and “Zikwatcha”, celebration dance from Mozambique and Tanzania. Finally students will travel with me, through stories such as: The Lion story, Human creation story, The Monkey story and my own childhood story. The students will have the opportunity to dress like African women and warrior dancers. At the end of our trip, the students and I will make a small presentation to the school.