Anthony Joseph Martin

Anthony’s career as an artist began at age five, when Canada Post printed his design on 44 million five-cent Christmas stamps. For the past 15 years Anthony has worked as a carver-artist with natural raw resources found in Manitoba, such as bones and antlers of elk, moose, caribou, deer, and buffalo, as well as wood and soapstone. Anthony creates jewellery and First Nations traditional pieces such as pipe cleaners, antlers, whistles, toys, musical instruments, and harvesting tools. Anthony’s artwork can be seen in the Manitoba Archives and in several Manitoba galleries and museums, as well as internationally. Anthony is the subject of an Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) documentary on carving. He has enjoyed teaching in Manitoba schools and communities for the past six years.


Anthony teaches by example. He shows students the relationship of his art to the environment and First Nations traditions. The week may include showing a video presentation that was done by APTN. A smudge is optional if the school is interested. Anthony provides all the files for carving, as well as authentic materials gathered in the environment, including horns, tusks, teeth, bones, and driftwood. The students see a display of his finished pieces. Anthony demonstrates the techniques of carving, with special emphasis on safety. The students choose their medium and are helped to create their own carvings. The finished piece can be a necklace, earrings, hair ornament, drumstick, or walking stick.