Aboriginal School of Dance

The Aboriginal School of Dance is a Winnipeg-based dance company recognized for high-quality Aboriginal artistic entertainment. It was founded by award-winning dancer and choreographer Buffy Handel in 2008. As part of the company’s mandate, members participate in powwows and volunteer at fundraisers for youth and children. The company, above all, seeks to create a stronger, more inspired generation of youth.

The Aboriginal School of Dance presents choreography that showcases evolved forms of dance, merging traditional and contemporary styles, and intended to provoke an intense emotional experience in people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. They also conduct interactive clinics and perform educational programs that explore traditional Aboriginal music, dance, and storytelling.


Aboriginal Dance

Students are introduced to the techniques and the stories behind specific Aboriginal dance movements. They will learn about number combinations, basic rhythm, and more complex combination rhythms. Within minutes of receiving instruction, students will want to get up and dance! But, dance would not be dance without song. Students will also learn a round dance song in English, accompanied by special hand rhythms.

The company’s program is tailored for each age group and will culminate in the students’ performing a choreographed dance routine and round dance song.