Strategic Plan 2012-2016

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The Framework

The vision and goals of Council remain as the foundation for all Council’s policy development. Five focus areas are identified as priorities for the next three to five years. Drawn from its consultations and research, they indicate the areas in which MAC will focus its efforts to achieve its goals in the most effective way possible. Council’s strategic directions guide the range of activities MAC will identify to achieve its goals: playing an active role in partnerships and collaborations; making the most effective use of resources in grantmaking processes to arts organizations and individuals; and reviewing and revising program development. The focus areas and strategic directions are interconnected with Council goals, and inform the development of new policy, initiatives, and programs.

2012–2016 Focus Areas

  • Leadership Role: Manitoba Arts Council will adopt an enhanced role in providing leadership in partnerships, collaborations, and networking, and in grantmaking.
  • Arts Learning: Manitoba Arts Council will encourage more, and amplified, opportunities in schools and communities that enhance arts learning and engagement, at every step along a continuum of arts experience, from receptive to participatory.
  • Youth Engagement: Manitoba Arts Council will support a range of activities aimed at involving youth in the creation, dissemination, and experience of the arts.
  • Professional Development and Training: Manitoba Arts Council will encourage and support opportunities for professional development and training of artists and arts administrators.
  • Equitable Access: Manitoba Arts Council will encourage and support opportunities that decrease barriers to access to arts experiences, support, and services.

2012–2016 Strategic Directions

Keeping in mind the focus areas, Manitoba Arts Council will follow these strategic directions to achieve its goals. MAC will identify, implement, monitor, and evaluate specific actions and/or programs and projects to align with these directions.

  • Target and support activities designed to involve youth in the experience, creation, and dissemination of the arts.
  • Encourage and participate in “creative region” collaborations that enable productive exchanges and sharing of ideas, information, and practices among education, culture, and commerce in Manitoba communities.
  • Broaden and increase support for professional development and training opportunities for artists and arts administrators.
  • Implement innovative, effective, and responsive grantmaking practices.