Iceland Performing Arts Residency

Deadline: October 15

The Iceland Performing Arts Residency supports professional Manitoban performing artists to undertake a one-month residency in Skagaströnd Iceland, at the Nes Artist Residency.

Maximum grant: $5,000.00

The grant amount covers:

– Travel (air and ground transportation)
– Passport
– B1/B2 Visa if required
– Travel health insurance
– Insurance for personal belongings
– Per diem (including food costs while in residence)
– Materials and supplies
– Shipping costs
– Car rental and recreational costs if desired

Note: Manitoba Arts Council will pay costs for accommodation and studio space directly to Nes Artist Residency

Downloard the Iceland Performing Arts Residency program application with guidelines. [PDF] (revised 22/06/2016)

Download the General Guidelines. [PDF] (revised 02/11/2017)


Guidelines are available in alternate formats upon request.


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