Program Assistance in the Visual Arts

Deadline: April 5

Program Assistance in the Visual Arts grants support small groups of Manitoba visual artists, collectives, and organizations presenting and interpreting works of contemporary art to the general public, and participating in the development of Manitoba artists. This program is available to all disciplines in the visual arts, including craft, design, architecture, and media arts.

$7,500 (maximum per project)
$30,000 (maximum total grant)

Artist-Run Centres/Collectives/Small Groups
$6,000 (maximum per project)
$25,000 (maximum total grant)

$6,000 (maximum per project)
$15,000 (maximum total grant)

Organizations receiving operating support from either the Province of Manitoba or a major institution such as a university.
$6,000 (maximum per project)
$20,000 (maximum total grant)

For a copy of the program application with guidelines click here. (revised 22/06/2016)

For a copy of the General Guidelines click here. (revised 19/02/2016)

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