Manitoba Arts Partnership (MANAP) Theatre

The Manitoba Arts Council recognizes the contribution that certain anchor arts organizations make to the fabric of Manitoba’s arts and cultural sectors. Manitoba Arts Partnership (MANAP) has been developed to address the challenges facing these anchor organizations, and to support them in nurturing artistic excellence and innovation, in maintaining financial and organizational health, and in developing their accessibility throughout the province.

The MANAP program is overseen by the MANAP Funding Committee. This committee is composed of a core of council members in addition to members of the community (professionals from the arts community, representatives of the business sector, or other individuals whose expertise might contribute tothe goals of the Committee). The Funding Committee’s main role is to provide advice to the Manitoba Arts Council on issues relating to anchor organizations. Membership on the Funding Committee is determined by Council.

Eligible organizations are invited to participate in the MANAP program by the Manitoba Arts Council.