Lawrence Bird – parallel

This video piece tracks the 49th parallel in Google Earth. It’s about a few other parallels: parallel countries, parallel modes of imaging and imagining, parallels between political, technical, and visual territories. If you follow it long enough, digital anomalies in the image become apparent; they have to do with when a given area came under the eye of a satellite, and at what resolution. These become landscapes in their own right, with their own boundaries, topography, areas of density and intensity.


parallel has formed part of the show Another Atlas at RAW: Gallery of Architecture & Design (Curator, Another Atlas: Joe Kalturnyk):

and the show Movable Borders at Furtherfield Gallery in London England:


The most recent iteration of parallel can be viewed here:

parallel (excerpts of 60 seconds) from Lawrence Bird on Vimeo.


parallel, Lawrence Bird, in situ photographs Jacqueline Young parallel, Lawrence Bird, in situ photographs Jacqueline Young (1)

parallel, Lawrence Bird, Photo Jacqueline Young (2)