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Joshua Pearlman – 2011 Deep Bay Artists Residency



Joshua Pearlman
is a botanist and visual artist who sees the exploration of questions to be the common purpose to both artistic and scientific activity.  His art practice has taken him from Cape Dorset, Nunavut to Tel Aviv, Israel and has exhibited work at Platform Gallery, the St. Norbert Arts Centre, the Ottawa Art Gallery, and has been published in Above and Beyond magazine.


Joshua combines a background in science with his art practice.  During his residency, he will be constructing a large-scale installation that will be suspended from the ceiling of the studio building behind the Deep Bay cabin.   Joshua is exploring the contradiction between our human need for individual identity and our role as members of a larger population, community, and landscape. The installation that he will be working on will serve as the prototype for an exhibition in 2012.

Joshua Pearlman - Deep Bay 2011 poster

Joshua Pearlman. Photo: Joshua Pearlman halflife - Joshua Pearlman Homo sacer - Joshua Pearlman. Photo: Ravi Shukla grundlinien einer rassenhygiene - Joshua Pearlman