Jamie Wright – 2011 Deep Bay Artists’ Residency



Jamie Wright graduated with an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art and received a BFA Honours from the University Of Manitoba School Of Art.  He considers himself to be primarily a drawer and his work is often very large-scale.  He is currently Gallery Coordinator for aceartinc. in Winnipeg.


Jamie creates hunting trophies inspired by the taxidermy animals common in bars and lodges throughout Canada.   However, his trophies reflect an urban hunter in the age of the internet.   Jamie tracks down his prey in the back alleys of cities and draws images of carnivores on to the leather using pen, ink and gouache.

Jamie Wright - Deep Bay 2011 poster

Montreal Jay - Jamie Wright. Photo: Tobias Wootton Saskatchewan Coyote Trophy - Jamie Wright. Photo: Tobias Wootton

Baer Tropy - Jamie Wright. Photo: Tobias Wootton Couch Skinning - Troon (still image). Video by Tobias Wootton