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Heather Komus – 2011 Deep Bay Artists’ Residency



Heather Komus
 was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and earned her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Manitoba.  Heather is a mixed media artist working with various materials such as embroidery, handmade paper, hair and pig intestine.  Her work stems from an interest in biology, particularly entomology.    She has exhibited in Winnipeg in solo and group shows.


During her residency, Heather will investigate the ecosystems of Riding Mountain Park.  She will create a series of unique embroideries on pig intestine that will explore the role of parasitism and the microscopic in an ecosystem.  With a deep interest in biology Heather’s work focuses on the microscopic to magnify those moments that make us, as humans, feel small.   After all, there are more creatures in the soil of your average football field than there are humans on the planet.

Heather Komus - Deep Bay poster 2011 Heather in installation Muddy Waters. Photo: Bob Talbot

Gorge and Grow. Photo: Takashi Iwasaki Protoplasm. Photo: Bob Talbot

Heather Komus, Deep Bay Cabin 2011, Photo Greg Hanec Heather Komus, embroidering pig intestine, Deep Bay Cabin 2011, Photo Greg Hanec